The design of our turbines was motivated by the highest energy yield available.

Our turbines are an optimum hybrid of several known turbine shapes – as the type names suggest. Over decades of development, our engineers have modelled and analysed more than 300 shapes, sizes and pitch angles.

Maximum efficiency was achieved by optimising the so-called VORTEX effect. This aerodynamic phenomenon is the suction effect of turbulence within the wing’s rotation envelope, which causes a pressure drop inside the wing, while the wind pressure is outside. This is a kind of mechanical self-excitation, which has achieved an amazingly high efficiency of 36%.

Unlike most wind turbines and wind turbines, the blades of Hybrid wind turbines are vertical, so you don’t have to worry about wind resistance. The wind can blow from any direction, with no setup time lost.
Intelligent control ensures that the turbine starts generating at very low wind speeds of 2.5 m/s. The control system allows the generator windings to be gradually extended so that the rotor is not brought to a standstill by the back-load electromagnetic braking force at low wind speeds.

Another advantage is that the vertical blades do not cut into the airflow, which results in a much more efficient and quieter operation. Therefore the noise emission is only 3 dB.
The 3db noise emission is practically outside the range that humans can hear. The rustling of leaves or the sound of human speech is louder than that, so it won’t disturb the occupants on the roof of a panel house or condominium. Their use is very cost-effective.

The Vortex effect, together with the control of the equipment, is what allows us to deliver the outstanding returns that set us apart from the field.
One of the most critical factors for wind turbines is the environmental noise impact. Here too, we excel.
Our hybrid turbines don’t cut vertically into the airflow like horizontal axis wind turbines, so they have virtually no noise impact, without the familiar 35-50 decibel disturbing whirring noise. Hybrid wind turbines are therefore also perfect for heavily installed urban applications. As they are virtually silent and have a very high energy density per unit area, they are an obvious choice for a condominium or a tower-like structure, for example, and can also be an ideal complement to a solar panel installation.

Our products have a minimum lifetime of 30 years. The warranty is 20 years for mechanical parts and 10 years for electronic accessories.
All components are replaceable, repairable and recyclable.

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