Why choose a Hybrid wind turbine?

In our manufacturing facility, highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art machining equipment ensure consistent quality. All our products are CE certified and the ISO standard guarantees a flawless product. Our turbines have a minimum lifetime of 30 years. All components are replaceable, repairable and recyclable. Self-aligning bearings, powder-coated solid frame construction. Smoke resistant wings, stiffeners and casings.

Why choose a Hybrid wind turbine?

Our wind turbines are the most productive, best value for money and most durable products on the market. They are made from the highest quality materials and operate with minimal noise emissions.

How much MONEY AND ENERGY does my equipment produce?

This depends mostly on the average wind speed. The Hybrid 15 produces around 20,000 kilowatt-hours in average annual winds of 4.5 m/s. How much this means in monetary terms depends on your consumption tariff.

The roofs of tall buildings make ideal places for wind turbines. The windier, the more empty and the higher the site, the better. Also, as a rule of thumb, 1 metre for every metre of ground level gives a 1% yield gain.

A well installed and well maintained wind turbine system will last at least 30 years. All components in our products can be repaired and replaced. We have not planned for deliberate obsolescence.

Our extra high quality wind turbines are designed and manufactured to have as few moving parts as possible and to be resistant to corrosion, dust and high winds, thus keeping maintenance costs negligible. They run on three dust-protected acid-proof bearings and have minimal chance of needing replacement. The generator windings are also vacuum-vacuum sealed and resin-filled in special resin cavities, resonance-free. An air gap of 2 mm separates the rotor from the magnets, guaranteeing an ultra-long service life. The fact is, however, that over a period of about 20 years, the magnets of any generator will show a weakening of about 15%. The good news is that they are also easy to replace.

The national building standard in 2018 does NOT require a permit. It is important to know, however, that the local building code may require a town planning notification – which you should check with your local authority. It is not usually covered by local building regulations, but the general rule is that 6 metres from the highest point of a building is not subject to a permit.

Intelligent control: the key to low production wind speeds is to keep the rotor at optimum speed. Intelligent control ensures optimised production spreading of the coils, adapting them to the wind speed at the time. In strong winds, it both reduces the rotor speed to the optimum speed by increasing production and also acts as a safety brake: it switches on fictitious loads to provide a braking effect at critical wind speeds.

The braking system is automatic. At critical wind speeds, the control system applies electronic loads to the turbine to brake it back – protecting your investment.
Acceleration is provided by a professional planetary gearbox. This is necessary to keep the rotor of the generator at optimum speed.
The generator is the most advanced air-core and self-cooled design. The coils are fixed in a hermetically sealed nest.

The Hybrid 5 and Hybrid 15 made with a premium quality acid-proof cover, wings and stiffeners.
In all cases, the installation requires a minimum 2 m high stand.
The static points of the host structure require specific design and construction in each case.
Have you not received all the information? Ask us!

The Hybrid wind turbine family is the result of thousands of hours of development work by many engineers and research institutes. Our products owe their technical sophistication to thousands of experimental modelling runs, during which the blade shapes and their pitch angles have been optimised. This is our secret, nothing more.

We have achieved one of the highest efficiencies on the market.

Our wind power output is 36% – out of a theoretical maximum of 59.2% that can be harnessed. This is one of the highest yields today.

By comparison, an average or horizontal axis wind turbine achieves an efficiency of around 20-22% and starts generating in relatively strong winds.
Another problem is that the wind never blows evenly. The most effective way to exploit the ever-changing strength and direction of the wind is to use large, high inertia, high mass, steadily generating structures with large surface areas that “jump” over gaps and changes in direction. And, of course, the frictional losses of a large turbine in an area are less than those of several small ones.

Hybrid wind turbines are patented. The name of the patent:
Hybrid ™ model and MVT® technology (Multiple Vortex Technology) – Vortex® patent 1018803A3 2 /07/ 2009

All our products are supplied with the most advanced German manufactured Siemens PLC controlled Fronius or ABB inverters
This adaptive control electronics controls the generator’s output, adjusting it to the speed of the wind that is blowing.
The same control will throttle back the turbine at critical wind speeds – protecting your investment.

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