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The design of our turbines was motivated by the highest energy yield available.

Our turbines are an optimum hybrid of several known turbine shapes – as the type names suggest. Over decades of development, our engineers have modelled and analysed more than 300 shapes, sizes and pitch angles. Maximum efficiency was achieved by optimising the so-called VORTEX effect. This aerodynamic phenomenon is the suction effect of turbulence within […]

Why choose a Hybrid wind turbine?

In our manufacturing facility, highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art machining equipment ensure consistent quality. All our products are CE certified and the ISO standard guarantees a flawless product. Our turbines have a minimum lifetime of 30 years. All components are replaceable, repairable and recyclable. Self-aligning bearings, powder-coated solid frame construction. Smoke resistant wings, stiffeners and […]