Our wind turbine products

Vertical axis wind turbine HYBRID 5

Unlike most wind turbines and wind turbines, the blades of Hybrid wind turbines are vertical, so you don’t have to worry about wind resistance. The wind can blow from any direction, with no setup time lost.

Intelligent control ensures that the turbine starts generating at very low wind speeds of 2.5 m/s. The control system allows the generator windings to be gradually extended so that the rotor is not brought to a standstill by the back-load electromagnetic braking force at low wind speeds.


Vertical axis wind turbine HYBRID 15

Vertical Wind Turbine -The Hybrid wind turbine family is the result of thousands of hours of development work by many engineers and research institutes. The technical development of our products is the result of thousands of experimental modelling runs, during which the blade shapes and their pitch angles have been optimised. This is our secret, nothing more.


Solar panel

The energy contained in all the oil reserves on Earth that can be extracted is radiated to Earth by the Sun in 1.5 days. The current annual energy consumption of humanity would be fully covered by one hour of energy output from the Sun.


Horizontal wind turbine

The horizontal wind turbine is mounted on a large pylon, due to the fact that the average wind speeds are much higher up, which means more energy can be extracted. Its blades act like the wings of an aeroplane, generating lift due to the pressure differential and converting this into rotational motion.



A battery is an energy storage device that, when charged, converts the electricity introduced into chemical energy, can store it as chemical energy for a longer period of time and then convert it back into electricity when discharged. The battery is suitable only for direct storage and supply of direct current.