Horizontal wind turbine

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The horizontal wind turbine is mounted on a large pylon, due to the fact that the average wind speeds are much higher up, which means more energy can be extracted. Its blades act like the wings of an aeroplane, generating lift due to the pressure differential and converting this into rotational motion.

Smart power electronics (PDF):

Smart wind

Indicative prices and other conditions

WTW.30 depending on equipment: 130.000 euro – 150.000 euro
WTW.50 depending on equipment: 195.000 euro – 230.000 euro

The above prices are for the equipment only and do not include transport and other logistical costs, excavation and foundation work for the installation of the equipment, nor the costs of the administrative and approval procedures required for the installation.

The prices may vary depending on the quantity ordered, the conditions of the installation site, the wind conditions and the equipment of the machine!

For higher order quantities, in order to optimise transport costs and prices in general, it is possible to locally manufacture simpler components such as the support column, or even to set up a local final assembly plant.