Vertical axis wind turbine HYBRID 15

All our products are supplied with the most advanced German manufactured Siemens PLC controlled Fronius or ABB inverters.

These adaptive control electronics adjust the generator to the speed of the wind that is blowing.

The same control will throttle back the turbine at critical wind speeds – protecting your investment.

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Vertical Wind Turbine -The Hybrid wind turbine family is the result of thousands of hours of development work by many engineers and research institutes. The technical development of our products is the result of thousands of experimental modelling runs, during which the blade shapes and their pitch angles have been optimised. This is our secret, nothing more.

We have achieved one of the highest efficiency levels on the market.

Our power extracted from the wind is 36% – out of a theoretical maximum of 59.2% that can be harnessed. This is one of the highest yields today. By comparison, an average or horizontal axis wind turbine achieves an efficiency of around 20-22% and starts generating in relatively strong winds.

Another problem is that the wind never blows evenly. The most efficient way to exploit the ever-changing strength and direction of the wind is to use large, high inertia, high mass, steadily generating structures with large surface areas that “jump” over gaps and changes in direction. And, of course, the frictional losses of a large turbine in an area are less than those of several small ones.


  • Surface area occupied by the rotor: 12 m2
  • Number of blades: 6
  • Rotor diameter: 4100 mm
  • Rotor height: 3000 mm
  • Total height: 4400 mm
  • Material: 100% stainless steel (INOX)
  • Weight: 460 kg
  • Permanent magnet generator: 10 kW (Air core)
  • Generator voltage: 0-600 AC 3 phase
  • Inverter voltage: 0-700 DC
  • Minimum speed: 1 m/sec
  • Maximum speed: 14 m/sec
  • Survival speed: 50 m/sec
  • Certification: IEC 55022 – IEC 61000

Turnkey price (1pc): from 10 900 000,- Ft