Vertical wind turbine – HYBRID 15

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In our manufacturing facility, highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art machining equipment ensure consistent quality. All our products are CE certified and ISO standard guarantees a flawless product. Our turbines have a minimum lifetime of 30 years. All components are replaceable, repairable and recyclable. Self-aligning bearings, powder-coated solid frame construction. Smoke resistant wings, stiffeners and casings.

Vortex effect and equipment control allow for outstanding yields that set us apart from the field.

One of the most critical factors for wind turbines is the environmental noise impact. Here too, we excel.

Our hybrid turbines don’t cut vertically into the airflow like horizontal axis wind turbines, so they have virtually no noise impact, without the familiar 35-50 decibel disturbing whirring noise. Hybrid wind turbines are therefore also perfect for densely built-in urban applications. As they have virtually no noise and a very high energy density per unit area, they are an obvious choice for a condominium or a tower-like structure, for example, and can also be an ideal complement to a solar panel installation.